How Does It Feel Lyrics

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Standing at the window
The sun is stroking your hair
With her fingers of gold
I'm standing in the shadows

In silence, kissing the shape of the man I adore
You are the one that has become my need
But dependent on you, I'll cease to be
The fear of losing you is choking me

It could have been so fine
You could have been mine but

How, how does it feel
When your love has flown away?
How, how does it feel to be left alone?
There's no way I could take the pain

If you could imagine the anguish tearing inside
Every time we're apart waiting for a sign of
Indifference to appear in your eyes
It's like a twist in my hear
(Every time)

You say you love me, I believe you do
But how could I ever stay when I'm afraid of you
When happiness is my unhappiness
Then what else can I do?

It could have been so fine

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