HOV Lane Lyrics

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Holy mollie G copped me a rollie
I ain't catchin' the puck but I'm iced out like a goally, n-gga

[Hook x4]
I'm in the HOV lane
I'm in the HOV lane
(And you n-gga, y-you-you, you? Soul train)

I traveled more than you walkin' with a basketball
I'm out in Spain runnin' games with the El Matador
I'm in my own lane, you ain't in my category
You like a Raft 4, I'm like the El Ventilador
Perks and bags, man, I murk them ads
When I be up on reloaded, I'mma hurt them bad
Every shoot is hot, when I'm out, I'm spotted
They gone frame the receipt if I sign the dotted
N-n-ggas on Banshees is speedin',
Dirt bikes are out for the season

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